Tax Services

Tax Services

GAND has qualified professionals with experience in the field of taxation who specialize in tax laws, as well as international taxation experts.

Our tax consultants work closely with our customers to ensure that they receive top-notch tax advice.

However, taking into account that taxation depends on other business issues as well, we provide a flexible range of related services -and not only limited to tax compliance- to our customers.

Regardless of the country in which your company operates, we have the ability to support you so that you always have a reputable partner who can offer you tax and other kinds of advice designed exclusively to support your business so that it continues its course in the way you wish.

Φορολογικές Υπηρεσίες
Income Taxation for Legal Entities
Tax issues regarding Company start-ups, Takeovers, Breaks-ups
Real Estate Transfer-Inheritance- Donations Tax
Preparing tax audits
Drawing up & Submitting all VAT Returns
Real Estate Tax Return (Ε9 etc.)
Tax Deducted at Source Statements (Temporary & Final)
Balance Sheet & Final Statements
Drawing up and Submitting All Tax Returns for Sole Proprietorships, Companies, Employees, Pensioners etc.
Corporate Tax Compliance
Tax optimization
Tax Issues regarding development law investments
Intra-group transactions
Large Property Holding Tax (FMAP) - Property Tax (FAP) - Single Property (ETAK) Tax Returns
Aggregated Financial Statement-Accounting Balance
Recapitulative Statements- INTRASTAT
BoD/General Meeting/Management Meeting Minutes