Registered Office Services

Registered Office Services

Provision of Registered Office for the establishment of a company

We provide the ability to designate GAND’ s registered office as a registered office of your business for tax purposes, thus contributing to significant money saving regarding your investment plans

Accounting– Tax consulting – Legal Support

Computerization, Monthly accounting affairs monitoring , guidance and advice for your company

Secretarial support

Secretarial support services when required

Company establishment

We undertake to carry out all necessary procedures for the establishment and registration of the company in VIES


Reporting planning and implementation according to your needs

Legal Aid

We undertake to provide ongoing Legal Support to your company

External Activities

Upon agreement, we responsibly undertake to perform all external procedures and to make all necessary arrangements with various Agencies so as to release you, as far as possible, from the “nemesis” of bureaucracy (Publication of statutes, General Electronic Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.), etc.)