Labor affairs – Payroll Services

Labor affairs – Payroll Services

Payroll – Payment Receipt

Payroll preparation and payment receipts or bank statements confirming payments

Employee Certificates (Earnings, Allowances etc.)

Issuing all kinds of certificates for your company’s staff

Recruitments - Dismissals

Recruitment, dismissal, Resignation Announcements and submission to the competent services

Designating & Checking Statutory Minimum Wage

Statutory Minimum Wage Budget for each employee separately

Social Security Institute (IKA) Detailed Periodic Statements

Drawing up Detailed Periodic Statements and submitting them within the deadlines set by the Social Security Institute (IKA)

Labor Inspection Checklist (SEPE)

Drawing up and submitting Staff Inventories

Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) and EU Subsidized programs

Applying for subsidy and carrying out all procedures related to the OAED subsidized programs

Auxiliary Fund Financial Statements

Drawing up and submitting all statements required by the auxiliary fund for your staff’s insurance and benefits

Work Schedule – Shifts

Drafting tables regarding work hours and shifts of staff according to your business needs