Accounting Tax Consultancy

GAND Accounting Tax Consultancy was founded in 1990. It is a full service accounting firm specializing in enhancing business operations so they can reach their full growth potential.

It is interested in businesses which are ready to go through a growth and profit maximization phase. It provides:

  • Accounting Services
  • Tax Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Auditing Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Registered Office Services

We are professional problem solvers. Our team is fully trained and specialized in many contemporary business aspects.

Our Values


We provide all our services with integrity. We will be staunchly supporting our customers, but we not do not deviate from core business rules. We treat our clients in a sincere and straightforward way.


We act professionally at any time and we believe there are two ways to do things: the right way and any other way. We always choose the right way.


We are fully responsible for our business experience. We undertake this responsibility for our customers. We believe that there is a responsible way to overcome all business problems and this is exactly the method we will adopt.


We strive to achieve excellence in all our endeavors. Our company mainly focuses on providing high-quality auditing services to our business customers. Our customers benefit from personalized and quality services that are beyond comparison.



All presentations and announcements to our customers are clear, meaningful and accurate.

Our Strategy


Client satisfaction and personalized services. We believe in the value of relationships. We regard each relationship with a client as a partnership and we understand that our success is the result of your success. We understand the importance of relationships in our business and we work hard every day to gain your trust and create customer value.

We are committed to providing special, personal attention to our customers. We are proud that we can assure you that the personalized assistance we offer is a result of the years of our technical experience and economic insight advanced training. Continuous investment of time and resources in constant vocational training, computer technology research, accounting and tax representation, as well as extensive business relationships proves our commitment to delivering excellent services to our customers.

Above all, we understand that if we do not provide our excellent services to our customers in a timely manner and at a fair price … someone else will.



Our mission is to provide preventive financial advisory, business planning and problem solving services. We will become your trusted advisor and “shield” to help you tackle adversities. We help you keep track of your growth and we will support you whenever you need in order for you to take your business to the next level.



Our company continues to maintain a customer base within the phase of maximizing growth and profit. We continue to collect valuable business resources for our customers.


Complete Compliance Package

We have ensured your company complies with all the rules imposed by our governments. The members of our team are experts in many different compliance issues in your business. Having done things in the right way, our team provides you with more time regarding an effective control and purchasing management of your business.

Corporate Accounting Service

We provide our customers with relevant financial information on a timely and cost-effective basis. The customer participates in the accounting and tax planning process during the undertaking. There are no surprises upon termination of the undertaking. Our clients are given the “tools” to make healthy profitable business decisions.

Problem solving

We are professional problem solvers. Our team is fully trained and specialized in many contemporary business aspects. We can save money for many of our customers and help them find their potential profit.

Tax Service

We have fully trained tax consultants who prepare the data for each tax year.

Business Specialist Resource

We help our clients find the resources they need to profitably run their business. Our method encourages collective growth.

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